Corporate/Associate Corporate Member

Corporate Membership is open to all Malaysian corporate bodies, firms, partnerships, sole proprietary,Government departments and agencies, trade and other agencies, educational and other institutions, with an interest in, or is connected with, waste management and related issues. Corporate members are entitled to nominate 4 individuals as Corporate representatives. Subscribe Now

Ordinary Member

Ordinary Membership is open to any Malaysian citizen irrespective of gender or race who is aged 18 years and above and of good character with an interest in, or is connected with, waste management issues.However a University or College student shall not be eligible for membership without prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor of the University or College concerned. Subscribe Now

Life Member

Life Membership is open to all Ordinary Members and Nominated Corporate Members who have been members of the Association for at least (3) years and have contributed to the advancement of the purpose and objectives of the Association. Subscribe Now

Membership Benefits:

Platform for Interaction

WMAM is a platform for our members to interact/connect with other associations and their members such as the Waste associations in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India and Thailand.

International Member

WMAM is also a National Member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) as well as the partners in the Asia Pacific Waste and Environment Alliance (APWEA).

Training and Seminars

WMAM also provides training/seminars for our members from time to time in waste management industry.

Networking Sessions

WMAM also organizes networking sessions with local embassies, international associations for our members. During these sessions, members are able to set business to business meetings with other members of these associations that are relevant to their field/organisations.

Collaboration with Government

WMAM also provide the link to government agencies in the waste industry for our members and we also assist to link our members (if required) with the relevant government agencies.

Become WMAM Representative

WMAM also helps to promote our members within the industry. WMAM also serves as the representatives for our members to the government agencies.

Discounts and Member Entitlement

WMAM members are also entitled to discounts for WMAM, ISWA and APWEA related events. Such events are the ISWA World Congresses, WasteMet Asia, CleanEnviro Events, IFAT Events, just to name a few.

Recognition by Government

WMAM is recognized by the Government as the Association of waste practitioner, system provider, academia and consultant thus the platform for the government to consult in waste management policies.